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    Things to Do & Places to See Tianjin

    Booming yet laid-back, contemporary yet ancient: Tianjin is a city of contrasts. A coastal location and history of foreign concessions have shaped a unique cultural legacy that runs the length and breadth of the city, influencing everything from streetscapes to food, parks to museums. Whether it’s 19th century colonial buildings, contemporary architectural icons or picturesque pagodas, Tianjin is nothing if not diverse.

    The city’s unmistakable charm has seen a number of renowned chefs settle in Tianjin, resulting in a mouthwatering dining scene. A 24-hour city, come nightfall Tianjin sways to the beat of emerging bands, established artists, international DJs and a fun-loving crowd of Chinese and expat partygoers. Easy to navigate by public transport, explore the sights, sounds and tastes of this remarkable city.

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    Nature and Wildlife

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    Culture and Heritage

    • Yang Liu Qing Painting Store 杨柳青画社

      The Yang Liu Qing Painting Store is the place to pick up Tianjin's traditional wood-block paintings in the heart of the city. Continuing a time-honoured practise dating back to Ming Dynasty, the colourful paintings depict folk tales, customs and stories.

      No.139, Ancient Culture Street 古文化街139号
      Mon-Sun: 9:00—18:00

      Distance from Hotel 2.1 km 27 mins 32 mins 7 mins
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    • Foreign Languages Book Store 外文书店

      With a majority English language books, this is a great spot for picking up travel guides in particular.

      No.184, Machang Rd., Hexi Dist 天津市河西区马场道184号
      Mon-Fri: 9:30—18:00周一-周五:9:30-18:00
      Sat,Sun: 9:00—19:00周六-周日:9:00-19:00

      Distance from Hotel 2.7 km 34 mins 38 mins 11 mins
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    • Hisense Plaza 海信广场

      This sophisticated mall specializes in luxury goods from a slew of up-market brands.
      No.188, Jiefang Bei Lu, Heping District天津和平区解放北路188号
      Thu – Sun 10:00 – 21:30;
      Fri – Sat 10:00-22:00 

      Distance from Hotel 5.8 km 1 h 14 mins 1 h 5 mins 18 mins
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    • Tianjin iShine City Shopping Mall 新业广场

      Covering a variety of Vanguard Supermarket, JACKIE CHAN International cinema, fashion clothing boutique, international and domestic food and beverage, entertainment and other business forms.
      No.125, Heiniucheng Rd., Hexi District

      Distance from Hotel 2 km 25 mins 30 mins 6 mins
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    • The Galaxy International Shopping Mall 银河国际购物中心

      Five floors of fashion, electronics and more, a highlight is an international supermarket located at basement level.

      Tianjin Culture Center, No.9, Leyuan Dao, Hexi District

      Distance from Hotel 2.8 km 36 mins 39 mins 9 mins
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    • Riverside 66

      A short walk from the Beijing-Tianjin High Speed Railway station, a highlight of this striking glass-clad mall is top floor Skystreet, offering a range of food and beverage options under a transparent canopy.

      恒隆广场Heping Rd. Heping 和平区和平路T:86-22-23296168

      Distance from Hotel 6.9 km 1 h 26 mins 1 h 17 mins 24 mins
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    • Joy City 大悦城

      Conveniently connected to Gulou metro station, this vast mall boasts international brands and on the upper floors, a tempting array of dining options.

      No.2 Nanmen Wai Da Street南开区南门外大街2号T:86-22-58618888

      Distance from Hotel 7.5 km 1 h 33 mins 1 h 28 mins 25 mins
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    • Yi Xiang Chun Zhu Seafood Buffe t怡乡春竹海鲜自助

      No.118, Ling Bin Rd., Nankai District天津市南开区凌宾路118号
      Mon–Sun 11:30-14:00;17:00-21:00 周一 – 周日 11:30-14:00;17:00-21:00
      Serves sumptuous Seafood Buffet丰盛的海鲜自助餐厅

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 49 mins 48 mins 11 mins
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    • Sakura Restaurant 樱花日本料理

      No.30, Zijinshan Rd天津市河西区紫金山路30号
      Mon-Sun: 10:00—14:00; 18:00—22:00
      周一-周日:10:00—14:00; 18:00—22:00

      Distance from Hotel 3.4 km 42 mins 43 mins 13 mins
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    • T.G.I.Friday’s 星期五餐厅

      Teda International Club, No.7-2 Fukang Rd., Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:00—24:00 周一-周日 11:00-24:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.7 km 59 mins 1 h 1 min 13 mins
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    • Rak’n Wok (乐&我中华料理店)

      No.24-105,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:30-21:30,周一-周日:11:30-21:30

      Distance from Hotel 4.5 km 55 mins 51 mins 11 mins
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    • Akalaka (啊咔啦咔)

      No.17-114,Ao Cheng Sevice Apartment,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 10:00-20:30,周一-周日:10:00-20:30

      Distance from Hotel 4.1 km 50 mins 54 mins 12 mins
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    • Chir Chir (奇乐奇乐)

      No.A1-304,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 10:30-22:30,周一-周日:10:30-22:30

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 50 mins 52 mins 12 mins
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    • Jiang Jiang Shun Lai BBQ (江江顺来炭火烤肉)

      1F,No.15 building,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:00-21:00,周一-周日:11:00-21:00

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 50 mins 51 mins 12 mins
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    • Cafe Alice (咖啡爱丽丝)

      No.C5-113,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 09:30-22:00,周一-周日:09:30-22:00

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 50 mins 52 mins 12 mins
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    • Tianjin Tex-Mex (墨西哥餐厅)

      No.A3-4-1-7,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 10:00-22:00,周一-周日:10:00-22:00

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 49 mins 52 mins 11 mins
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    • Texas BBQ (德克萨斯烧烤西餐)

      No.C7-115-128,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Fri: 11:00-23:00,Sat-Sun:10:00-23:00
      周一-周五 :11:00-23:00,周六-周日:10:00-23:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.2 km 52 mins 50 mins 12 mins
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    • Mr.Pizza (米斯特披萨)

      1F,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:00—21:00 周一-周日 11:00-21:00

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 49 mins 54 mins 12 mins
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    • Burger King (汉堡王)

      1F,No.8 Biulding,Cai Qi Hui Life Square,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 10:00—22:00 周一-周日 10:00-22:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.2 km 51 mins 51 mins 12 mins
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    • The Burning Crab (热蟹沸腾)

      No.C7-120,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:30-22:00,周一-周日 11:30-22:00,

      Distance from Hotel 4.2 km 52 mins 50 mins 12 mins
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    • Dots Coffee (哆池咖啡)

      No.C1C2-113,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 10:00-24:00,周一-周日 10:00-24:00,

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 49 mins 51 mins 11 mins
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    • Holiland Dassert (好利来)

      Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 08:30—20:00 周一-周日 08:30-20:00

      Distance from Hotel 3.8 km 46 mins 51 mins 11 mins
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    • Honeymoon Dassert (满记甜品)

      1F,No.8 Biulding,Cai Qi Hui Life Square,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 07:30—22:00 周一-周日 07:30-22:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.2 km 51 mins 52 mins 12 mins
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    • PARIS BAGUETTE (巴黎贝甜)

      No.A1,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 07:30-22:00,周一-周日 07:30-22:00

      Distance from Hotel 4 km 50 mins 54 mins 12 mins
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    • Wa Shin Tei Japanese Food (和心亭日本料理店)

      No.C6-110,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:00-23:00,周一-周日 11:00-23:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.1 km 50 mins 51 mins 12 mins
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    • Warawara Japanese Food

      No.C3-104,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Fri: 11:00-02:00, Weekends&Statutory Holidays:11:00-03:00
      周一-周五 11:00-02:00,周末及法定节假日:11:00-03:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.3 km 52 mins 51 mins 12 mins
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    • Fei Yang Tai Wan Food (飞漾台湾料理)

      No.C6-106,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:00-14:00,17:00-21:00周一-周日 11:00-14:00,17:00-21:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.1 km 50 mins 50 mins 12 mins
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    • Kyo-tei Japanese Food (饗亭)

      No.108,No.20 biulding,Ao Cheng Service Apartment,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 18:00-24:00周一-周日 18:00-24:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.1 km 50 mins 54 mins 12 mins
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    • Raku Gaku Izakaya Japanese Food  楽GAKU居酒屋

      No.206,No.20 biulding,Ao Cheng Service Apartment,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 17:00-23:00周一-周日 17:00-23:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.1 km 50 mins 54 mins 12 mins
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    • Shan Shang Xia Izakaya Japanese Food 山上下居酒屋

      9-102B,B,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 11:30—14:00,17:00-24:00周一-周日 11:30—14:00,17:00-24:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.2 km 51 mins 51 mins 12 mins
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    • Xiang Tian Xia Chafing dish 香天下火锅

      2F,No.8 Biulding,Cai Qi Hui Life Square,Ao Cheng Entertainment area,Nankai Dist.
      Mon-Sun: 10:30—24:00 周一-周日 10:30-24:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.2 km 51 mins 52 mins 12 mins
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    • Tianjin Zoo 天津动物园

      The Tianjin Zoo is located at the southern end of the Water Park and is home to over 180 species, including exotic animals such as tigers, giraffes, rhinos and pandas.

      Shuishang Park Road, Nankai District
      Mon-Sun 08:30-17:00

      Distance from Hotel 4.4 km 55 mins 56 mins 13 mins
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    • Tianjin Water Park 天津水上公园

      Comprising three lakes and nine islands, Tianjin Water Park is an oasis midst the city’s hustle and bustle. All meandering pathways and picturesque pagodas, activities include pedal boats and an amusement park.

      No.33, Shuishang Gongyuan Bei Road, Nankai District
      Mon-Sun 06:00-19:00
      Tel: 86-22-23350095

      Distance from Hotel 4.8 km 1 h 1 h 1 min 13 mins
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    • Tianjin Botanical Garden and Flower Market 天津植物园和花卉市场

      One of the largest indoor botanical gardens in Asia and a year-round highlight of Tianjin, enjoy more than 100,000 plants in this temperature-controlled tropical environment.

      North No.7 Bridge, outer Ring, Cao Zhuangzi, Zhongbei Town3w2, Xiqing District
      Mon-Sun 08:00-17:00
      Tel: 86-22-27948011

      Distance from Hotel 14.6 km 3 h 1 min 1 h 38 mins 25 mins
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    • Pepper

      Sleek and chic, Pepper draws a sophisticated crowd of Chinese and expats. Talented mixologists serve up signature cocktails that are as potent as they are delicious.

      Location: 3F,bldg,B, Shang Gu, Tianta Rd., Nankai District
      Mon – Sun 11:00-02:00周一-周日11:00-02:00

      Distance from Hotel 3.8 km 47 mins 48 mins 10 mins
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    • Mingliu Tea House 名流茶馆

      Enjoy a pot of authentic Chinese tea whilst you try to keep pace with a Tianjin-style crosstalk performance.
      Address: Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District 南开区古文化街主街2楼
      Tel: 022-27286420

      Distance from Hotel 8.5 km 1 h 47 mins 1 h 18 mins 28 mins
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    • May Flower 五月花

      Hosting regular live performers, this buzzing club is a great place to unwind.

      No.93 Qixiangtai Road, Nankai District 南开区气象台路93号
      20:00 - 03:00

      Distance from Hotel 2.9 km 36 mins 35 mins 11 mins
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    • Richmond Restaurant & Paulaner Bar 里士满西餐酒吧

      With staff sporting traditional Bavarian costume, this German-themed restaurant and bar serves up hearty fare to live music.

      No.23, LuoYang Rd., Heping District天津市和平区洛阳道23号
      Mon-Sun 11:00-05:00周一-周日11:00-05:00
      Tel: 86-22-23113398

      Distance from Hotel 5 km 1 h 4 mins 56 mins 16 mins
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    • SITONG Bar 昔唐酒吧

      A popular hangout amongst students and expats, Sitong Bar hosts a regular house band as well as DJs, making it an ideal spot for a dance, a drink and a whole lot of people watching.

      1F, Somerset Olympic Tower Tianjin, Chengdu Rd,  Heping District
      Mon-Sun 20:30-03:00周一-周日 20:30-03:00
      Tel: 86-22-23377177

      Distance from Hotel 3.7 km 47 mins 46 mins 13 mins
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    • GAL Bar 果酒吧

      Shui shang East Rd,  Nankai District
      Mon-Sun 20:00-02:00周一-周日 20:00-02:00
      Tel: 86-18502609788

      Distance from Hotel 3.7 km 46 mins 46 mins 10 mins
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    • Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall 天津市规划展览馆

      Housed inside stunning contemporary architecture in the city’s former Italian Concession, the Exhibition Hall details Tianjin’s past, present and future urban planning through large-scale models and interactive exhibits.

      No.30 Bo'ai Road, Hebei District河北区博爱道30号
      Tue-Sun 09:00-16:00
      Tel: 86-22-24456501

      Distance from Hotel 7.1 km 1 h 28 mins 1 h 21 mins 24 mins
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    • Tianjin Museum 天津博物馆

      Showcasing Tianjin’s cultural and historical relics, this vast museum takes visitors on a journey through the city’s fascinating history via calligraphy, paintings, bronzes, ceramics and jade, as well as archival photography.

      No.31 Youyi Rd., Hexi District天津市河西区友谊路31号
      Tue-Sun 09:00-16:30
      Tel: 86-22-58793000

      Distance from Hotel 1.8 km 23 mins 29 mins 6 mins
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    • Natural History Museum 自然博物馆

      Jam-packed with some 380,000 exhibits, Tianjin’s Natural History Museum is as huge as it is absorbing. Highlights include a giant dinosaur skeleton, butterfly garden and 4D cinema.

      No.206, Machang Road, Hexi District天津市河西区马场道206号
      Tue-Sun 09:00-16:30
      Tel: 86-22-23347988

      Distance from Hotel 1.7 km 22 mins 28 mins 5 mins
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    • Memorial Hall to Zhou Enlai and Deng Yingchao 周邓纪念馆

      A museum dedicated the first Premier of the People's Republic of China, Zhou Enlai and his wife, Deng Yingchao. The venue features photographs, documents and dioramas, as well as an aeroplane used by Zhou.

      Shuishang Gongyuan Bei Road, Nankai District天津市南开区水上公园北路
      Mon-Sun 08:00-17:00

      Distance from Hotel 5 km 1 h 2 mins 57 mins 13 mins
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    • China House Museum 瓷房子博物馆

      Housed inside a century-old French-style building, this private porcelain museum celebrates the time-honoured Chinese tradition in stunning style. Inside, explore pieces from dynasties Tang to Qing, whilst the museum’s exterior is clad in yet more porcelain.

      No.72, Chifeng Road, Heping District天津市和平区赤峰道72号
      Mon-Sun 09:00-17:30周一-周日:09:00-17:30
      Tel :86-22-23146666

      Distance from Hotel 6.1 km 1 h 17 mins 1 h 1 min 23 mins
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    • Shen Yang Dao Antique Market 沈阳道古物市场

      Regularly attracting some 400 vendors, this vast market at the intersection of Jinzhou Road and Zhangzizhong Road is a real treasure trove. Remember: bargain hard and beware of fakes.

      Distance from Hotel 6.7 km 1 h 23 mins 1 h 8 mins 24 mins
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    • Ancient Culture Street (古文化街; gǔwénhuàjiē)

      天津市南开区鼓楼北 North of Gulou, Nankai, Tianjin
      A place to pick up traditional Chinese crafts and souvenirs the fittingly-named Ancient Culture Street is lined with stores selling calligraphy brushes, jade carvings, ceramics, embroidery.

      Distance from Hotel 8.9 km 1 h 51 mins 1 h 17 mins 29 mins
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    • Drum Tower (鼓楼; Gǔlóu)

      Gulou E St, Nankai District (南开区鼓楼东街; Nánkāiqū Gǔlóudōngjiē)
      Dating from the Ming Dynasty, Tianjin’s Drum Tower was destroyed during the Cultural Revolution and later rebuilt in 2001. As well as its iconic bell, the tower regularly hosts temporary exhibitions.

      Distance from Hotel 800 m 1 h 41 mins 1 h 30 mins 27 mins
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